The degree° thermometer transmits its data via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Please note the following information:

If you want to connect your degree° thermometer to a Bluetooth enabled receiver, do not hold the two devices at a distance greater than 10 meters to avoid connection problems. The functional distance can vary depending on the environment.

There should be no people, buildings, walls or other obstacles between your degree° thermometer and the other connected device as these may affect the connection quality.

Please use only trustworthy and properly secured devices.

If there are obstacles between the devices, the 10 m range may be reduced.

The use of the Bluetooth function for unlawful purposes is prohibited: piracy, eavesdropping, etc. Cosinuss° accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any illegal use of the Bluetooth function.

Bluetooth uses the same frequency as some low-power devices or machines in industry or the medical sector. For this reason, some devices may be subject to interference if one or several Bluetooth connections are established in the vicinity of such products.

Cosinuss° is not responsible for any loss of data sent or received with the Bluetooth function, for example by abusive interception of the data.

Updated on 26. January 2021

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