Prepare the measurement

Technical parts

Ensure the following technical basics before starting the measurement:

  • The latest version of the degree° App is installed on your mobile phone.
  • The degree° and your smartphone are appropriately charged.
  • Disturbing influencing factors for the Bluetooth connection are minimized.
  • Factors influencing the accuracy of the monitoring process are minimized.


Please observe the following basic principles regarding the hygienic cleanliness of the measurement:

  • Prior to first use please clean the degree° accordingly to the chapter: Care and cleaning.
  • Use a clean sensor with a cleaned sensor head.
  • Please carefully clean the ears of the person to be measured.
  • When handling the medical device, make sure you have clean hands and good health


Create a calm and trusting surrounding for the recovery and for a convenient monitoring. Explain everything you do to the person to be monitored.

Make sure that the Bluetooth receiver stays within the range of about 10 m around the person to be monitored in order to have a constant connection and so you can observe the temperature in real time.

At best, the charging station should be located outside of the patients‘ reach. Apply only the degree° temperature monitor to the patient.

Updated on 27. January 2021

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