Scope of delivery

Check the scope of delivery for external intactness of the carton packaging and completeness of the contents.

Before use, make sure that the device and accessories are free of visible damage and that all packaging material is removed.

In case of doubt, do not use the device and contact your salesperson or our customer service.

  • degree° thermometer: DS02
  • degree° app: Download
  • Charging box: DC02
  • Charging cable: USB / Micro-USB
  • Power supply: USB / 230 V
  • Instruction manual

App Download

The degree° App (Smartphone application) is not included with the degree° infrared ear thermometer. It can be downloaded anytime for Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS from the Apple App Store for free Smartphone. For more information see download and installation in the product description.

Updated on 26. January 2021

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