Storage of data

In general, all generated data is buffered locally on the degree° device and ultimately on your smartphone.

Real time transmission

The temperature data is briefly buffered on the sensor before it is immediately sent to your smartphone when an authorized and active Bluetooth Low Energy connection is established.


If a Bluetooth connection cannot be established for a short time, the data is kept in the cache (RAM) of the degree° until a connection is restored and the data can be transmitted to your smartphone.

Flash Memor

Data will be stored in the internal flash memory of the degree° device

  • in case of longer interruptions of the Bluetooth connection
  • in case the buffer is filled up completely
  • in the event of a critical battery charging status

If there is a new Bluetooth connection, the data will be sent again and transmitted to your smartphone.

Note: Make sure that you have a stable Bluetooth connection with your smartphone before finishing the measurement so that all data can be transferred to your smartphone.

Updated on 27. January 2021

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