Apply your sensor

1. Apply your sensor

Watch the YouTube video here:

Watch here how to apply your Cosinuss °One correctly and adjust it individually to fit your ear. The signal quality depends on how well °One is positioned in your ear and you can check it with your Cosinuss° app. If the sensor does not fit properly, try to reposition it.

2. Adjust fitting

2.1 Extendable bracktet

Cosinuss °One has an infinitely adjustable bracket. Use this adjustment to set the distance between the upper base of the ear and the ear canal. Take care to avoid a strain on the sensor head, as not to pull the silicone shield from your ear.

2.2 Drehbarer Kopf

You can twist the ear bud 90° to the left and 90° to the right. Therefore you can wear the cosinuss° One either in the right ear, or in the left ear. We recommend wearing the sensor in the right ear for best practice of the measurement technology.

2.3 Green LED

When first applying, you can check in the mirror whether the green LED on the silicone shield is contained in the ear canal. The green LED light can shimmer through the tissue, but should not flash directly in front of the auditory canal.

Updated on 6. March 2023