1. Battery

A fully charged battery lasts for approximately eight hours with full functionality and transmission power. Charging time is about one hour.

  • 8 hours battery life
  • 1 hour charging time

2. Charging

Charge Cosinuss °One with your supplied USB cable at any power source. For example on your laptop, your powerbank or your mobile phone charger.

Watch the YouTube video here:

3. USB cable

Charging with a four-wire USB cable (data cable) could possibly switch older versions of °One in debug mode. Because this is an energy-intensive mode, it results in the battery to run dry very quickly. A temporary solution is using a two-wire USB cable. A two-wire USB cable is included in delivery. Chargers with a cable fixed to power supply are also two-wired.

If your °One runs empty very quickly after charging, let it run empty completely. Then, leave it to rest for 12 hours in order to recharge with a two-wire cable.

Updated on 6. March 2023

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