Connect and Link

1. Turn ON

Turn your cosinuss° One on by holding it upside down and give it a double-tap on to the USB-socket.
As soon as the blue LED next to the socket is flashing the green LED on the earbud turns on. Now your °One is ready to go.

When the cosinuss° One is turned on it sends two signals at one time. For three minutes it is sending a Bluetooth and an ANT+ Signal (see important note below). In this tie you can connect your receiving device.
As soon as there is one successful connection, the other signal left will be turned off.

  • Connect your °One with your sportswatch or bikecomputer following the instructions of the manufacturer concerning third-party sensors.
  • Connect your °One with your Fitness-App following the instructions of the manufacturer concerning third-party sensors. In most cases you have to connect the °One inside the application and not in the settings of your smartphone.

2. Turn OFF

2.1 Manually

Schalte den cosinuss° One ab. Halte den Sensor senkrecht und kopfüber, tippe dann zwei Mal auf die USB Buchse. Sobald die blaue LED neben der Buchse länger aufleuchtet und erlischt, dann erlischt auch die grüne LED am Silikonschirmchen und der °One ist abgeschaltet

Turn off your cosinuss° One by holding it upside down and give it a double-tap on to the USB-socket.
The blue LED next to the socket will light up and then went out. The green LED on the earbud will turn off. Now your °One is completely turned off.

2.2 Automatically

The cosinuss° One is turning itself off, if he isn´t located in your ear. That is the case, if the °one is recognizing a temperature below 30° C longer than 2 minutes.

3. Disconnection

3.1 Disconnection Bluetooth

If our °One is not receiving any signal from your receiving device, bluetooth is being turned off. If the connection between those two will be reapearing within this two minutes, the °One will simply continues with his measurement.

3.2 Disconnection ANT+ 

ANT+ Connections are not fixed, the signal is being sent continuously. Therefore the °One will send data to your receiving device everytime it is within its range.

3.3 Restart connection

During very short time of lost contact, maybe if you leave the range of your receiving less than two minutes the °one will resume contact with your device automatically.

3.4 Long-lasting Disconnections

If your cosinuss° One has lost its connection for a long time and it is not able to reconnect, it will turn itself off. Please turn it back on freshly to build up a new connection.

4. Multiple Devices

As soon as the cosinuss° One is connected to a receiving device, it turns of all signals it is not going to use.

We are working on a software update, which will make it possible to choose your personal combination of connections you need inside the settings of our app. This will make it possible to cennect to multiple devices, too. For example using your °One with your sportswatch and bikecomputer together at the same time.

5. Bluetooth

Please activate Bluetooth on your receiving device to cennect your °One.

  • Avoid any metallic objects between your °One and your device, this might disturb the connection.
  • Make sure there is no other bluetooth device trying to connect to your °One. Please turn off all other possible receiving devices when pairing your sensor.
  • The distance between the cosinuss° One and the receiving device should not be bigger than 10 meters
  • Avoid microwaves, wireless routers and other wireless communication in the range of 2,4 GHz

Bluetooth connections will set up a fixed connection between the °One and the receiving device. The device is remembering the °One therefore. If you turn your °One on again next time it will be recognized by devices that were already connected to it. Please kepp that in mind and remember that ANT+ is turned off in case you are connected via bluetooth.

6. ANT+

The cosinuss° One is constantly sending an ANT+ signal after it has been turned on. Your ANT+ receiving device has to be within a range of 3 meters to it.

Bluetooth will be turned off after three minutes without pairing.

Choose the ANT+ signal of your °One on your device in order to display your vital sign data.

Note: Please note that the new sensor models of the cosinuss° One no longer support data transmission via ANT+. This applies to sensors with LOT number 2201 and higher. We explain where you can find the number on your sensor here °One FAQ .

Updated on 16. February 2022