Quality of signal

1. Quality of signal

Inside the cosinuss° One App there is an index bar which helps you to indicate your strenght of signal.The level of this bar is showing you the quality of your measurement depending on the correct positioning of the °One in your ear. This helps you to figure out if you have chosen the right size of your sensor.
During your daily use it helps you to get used to the correct fitting of your °One. Use this indicator to check if your sensor is in good contact with your ear canal.

The recording of the data the index bar needs to calculate might take up to 10 seconds. Then it shows you the current level. Even if the index bar is sometimes only showing one stroke, the measurement is still reliable.
Signal dropouts of the index bar from 2 to 3 seconds have no influence to a continuous measurement of your heart rate. Only if the index bar is having more and longer dropouts the measurement might be incorrect. In this case please contact our support.

The display of the signalstrength has nothing to do with the quality of the wireless connection between the cosinuss° One and your receiving device.

2. Quality factors

When you are in resting positions, even the movement of chewing, swallowing and talking have influence on to the level of the index bar. This phenomeneon will balance out during an ongoing measurement and has no influence on the accuracy of the heart rate monitoring in general.

2.1 Learning path

We experienced, that using the cosinuss° One comes alog iwth a learning path. At the beginning the usage of the senor requires a little bit of practice. Guiding the evaluation unit behind your ear, the holding bow above your ear and the ear bud inside your ear might seem a complex movement at first sight. But the more experienced you are in applying your sensor the more accurat and easy the measurement will be.

The hints might be useful:

  • Take some time when you are using the °One for the first time
  • Apply the sensor in front of a mirror in order to get the positioning right. After some times you will get used to how the right position should feel
  • Use the index bar in the cosinuss° One App to check your quality of measurement
  • The green LED-light should completely disappear in your ear canal. The green light may glow through your tissue but it should not be directly seen.

2.2 Resting pulse

If your heartrate at rest is very low, like 40 bpm, then this signal might interfere with our signal indication. This is to say that the index bar might show some fluctuations. This does not affect the measurement of the heartrate in general.

2.3 Hygiene

Be sure to keep your ears clean before using the cosinuss° One. That assures you of accurate measurements and a clean and long-lasting °One.

3. Funkverbindung

Die Anzeige der Signalqualität hat absolut nichts mit der Funkverbindung zwischen dem cosinuss° One und dem Empfangsgerät, z.B. Sportuhr, Radcomputer oder Smartphone zu tun. Sie ist ein Indikator für die Qualität der Messung im Ohr.

Bluetooth und ANT+

Note: Please note that the new sensor models of the cosinuss° One no longer support data transmission via ANT+. This applies to sensors with LOT number 2201 and higher. We explain where you can find the number on your sensor here °One FAQ.

Updated on 16. February 2022