Switching on and off, charging


If a problem occurs with your degree°, please follow these troubleshooting information first. If this does not solve the problem, please contact Cosinuss GmbH customer service.

The degree° thermometer does not switch on.

If the degree° does not switch on after removal from the box, either the battery is empty and needs to be charged or the device is defective. Please charge the device for one hour and try again afterwards. If the device is defective, please contact customer service.

The degree° thermometer is in the charging box, but it does not charge, or does not turn off.

Check if you have inserted the degree° correctly into the charging box and if the charging contacts of the thermometer have good contact with the charging contacts of the box. Try to move the degree° back and forth a bit in order to better fit its charging contacts to the contacts in the box.

The thermometer battery is empty.

If the degree° is connected to your smartphone, you can always see the current battery level in percent in the degree° app. If the device does not switch on when you take it out of the charging box (the device LED remains off), the battery is empty. Please charge the degree°.

Updated on 27. January 2021

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