Software Updates

1. App

You receive updates for your Cosinuss °One app as ususal via the app store of your smartphone‘s operating system. You get a notification from your app store when a new update of the app is available. See the information of your manufacturer and the operating system.

2. Firmware Update for the °One sensor

You regularely get updates for your Cosinuss °One automatically and free of charge.

List of all firmware versions

When °One connects with the Cosinuss° app, it checks whether the sensor runs with the newest firmware. If an update is available, your app will notify you.

°One automatically receives the update via over-the-air transmission. You don‘t have to connect by cable.

Watch out for:

  • a stable internet connection.
  • a connected °One sensor
  • confirm the app‘s notification

Follow the instructions of the Cosinuss °One app and on the display of your smartphone.

3. Ältere Firmware

If your Cosinuss °One runs a firmware lower than 3.0, you need to update your °One once with an Android device and the Android app. Afterwards, all new updates can be transferred with the iOS app onto your device as usually.

Updated on 23. October 2018

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