Connect and pair

1. Connect and pair

Pairing your Cosinuss °One app means to link the Cosinuss °One sensor and the Cosinuss °One app with your smartphone. Pairing is done in the settings of your app.

  • To pair your °One, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Open the Cosinuss° app.
  • Go to the gears icon in the status bar on the main screen to open the settings.
  • In the menu settings go to the heading ‚paired sensor‘.
  • Go to ‚pair your °One‘.

If your °One is turned on and within range, the confirmation of the connection will appear with the display of your current status of the battery.

If a greyed image of the sensor and the battery appears, your °One can‘t be found. There can be three reasons for this:

  • Bluetooth is not activated
  • Your Cosinuss °One is not turned on and does not send a signal
  • Your Cosinuss °One is outside the receiving range of the partner device

Also attend to the instructions in the app and on the display of your smartphone.

  • After successful connection, go to the blue button‚ check signal quality of the sensor‘

Cosinuss °One app an index bar for the determination of the signal quality appears. This bar displays the quality of the measurement, depending on how well your °One sensor is placed in your ear. So the signal strenght works as an indicator for an individual size determination. And you can also use it to adjust your °One for a perfect fit. Check how well °One is in contact to the tissue in your ear canal.

If the signal doesn‘t get any better in spite of readjustment of the °One in your ear, you can try a different sensor size.

  • If the signal quality is sufficient, confirm this by going to ‚start training sessions‘.
  • Now the main screen appears. Press ‚start‘ to start the recording of your training session.

2. Kopplung aufheben

You can unpair the previous linking with the button ‚unpair‘. You can pair again at any time.

Updated on 23. October 2018

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