Application principle

The continuous temperature measurement with the degree° is carried out with the help of two elements.

The infrared thermometer, which can be worn on the ear, measures the heat radiation emitted from the eardrum and the surrounding tissue without contact by means of an infrared sensor in the sensor head. The shape of the thermometer guarantees a continuously correct position of the sensor head in the auditory canal.

The measured signal is amplified in the thermometer and output as body temperature with subsequent digital signal processing. Based on the calculated body temperature values, the LED on the back of the thermometer uses a simple color coding to indicate the temperature range. The values are also transmitted by radio from the thermometer.

A smartphone receiving device is connected via Bluetooth to the degree°. The degree° App serves as an extended display of the temperature values in degrees Celsius. The current temperature is displayed in digits. The entire course of the values is displayed in a temperature curve. Instead of measuring several times manually, degree° automatically documents a complete course of the body temperature during the application. The body temperature and the effectiveness of treatments can thus be observed better and without disturbing interventions.

Updated on 8. February 2021

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