The infrared in­ear thermometer

The ergonomic design of the degree° infrared thermome-ter ensures an optimal position during the entire applica-tion. Comfortably and securely placed around the ear, the degree° thermometer continuously measures the body core temperature in the external auditory canal of the ear.

The degree° thermometer measures and stores the temperature information and sends it via Bluetooth Low Energy to a connected receiver.

Continuous temperature monitoring in the ear via infrared is a highly reliable, non-invasive monitoring method.

degree° user manual Das Infrarotthermometer


  1. Sensor neck with shaped wire
  2. Sensor lens
  3. Sensor head
  4. Anti Tragus Curve
  5. Pickaxe
  6. Status LED
  7. PCB and Battery
  8. Charging LED
  9. Charging contacts


degree° - Basics

Updated on 8. February 2021

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